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The Czech Republic

For an increasing number of patients suffering from a wide range of medical diseases, the Czech Republic  is getting more and more attractive. Affordable medical treatment with high standard like in the USA is what patients enjoy about the country. This country has emerged as a global leader, mainly in the fertility tourism and there are reasons why.

To begin with the reasons, this little country in the middle of Europe has considerably lower costs of living, so clinics here can offer lower prices. Most patients appreciate being away from their stressful jobs, cell phones and commuting to work through a heavy traffic; instead they can delight themselves with exploring a new country, trying new food, enjoying spa procedures etc. The entire trip can be relaxing, thus, a very pleasant break while of course obtaining a better state of health.

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When speaking about vitro fertilization, or IVF, the whole process of getting pregnant is cheaper in comparison with USA or other countries. Plus, do not forget there are  no waiting lists (meaning a few if any must wait, EVEN for eggs and embryo donors) . There is need to wait years or even months.

Every woman deserves to hold her baby in her arms and thanks to a an excellent success rate of IVF treatments in the Czech Republic, it is more than possible.

The Czech Republic is a beautiful country in central Europe that borders with Poland, Germany, Austria and Slovakia and having many historical sights and nature reservations.


What to see  ?


ivf prague

The capital of Czech Republic (Prague) also called the “city of towers” it is a charming place full of historical sights, which displays the rich history of the whole country. For all lovers of museums, galleries and history, making a trip to this city would be your best option. There is nothing better than listening to live jazz in a bar by the river around which the whole city is settled… or eating local foods, “served only here”! You will love the atmosphere of Old Town center with musicians on every corner and also having a walk through Charles Bridge of King Charles IV from the 14th century.


South Moravia

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South Moravia is an area of Czech Republic with wonderful nature and endless vineyards . This region is known for its best choice of wines and the many events held there, all this related to drinking wine, eating local food and dancing in traditional costumes. Forget the busy cities and make a trip around Moravia by train or bicycle. Taste a wine and enjoy the breathtaking view in the gorgeous surrounding nature.




Mikulov is situated in the very heart of a wine region. It also offers wine paths with stops in public places, family wine cellars or wine tasting centers. When speaking about wine festivals in the Mikulov region everybody will know of the traditional Pálava wine harvest and wine festival held over the second weekend in September in all areas of the town.



Brno, the capital city of Moravia, has lots of to offer. The old Spilberg castle in the city center surrounded by large gardens turns this busy city into a calm oasis. There are many possibilities to make trips around Brno to nature reservations, the many cute café’s, or traditional pubs that make this city worth seeing! Also, do not forget to take a little terrifying walk through the ossuary!