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One of the major differences between treatment in the USA and treatment abroad are the types of donors available. Unlike in the USA where intended parents pore over donor profiles to review photographs of potential donors, in the Czech Republic (and other European countries) donors are completely anonymous.

Egg donors and sperm donors are mostly students of Czech Universities.

Young women interested in becoming egg donors are tested for mental diseases, genetic and hormonal disorders and infectious diseases including HIV.  Specifically, following tests are conducted: an ultrasound examination, general check-up, tests for STDs (HIV, HBsAG, HCV, Syphilis), a hormonal profile, blood and Rh typing and a genetic disorder screening test (karyotype, gene mutation and cystic fibrosis). Secondly, it’s usual that besides medical exams and procedures  an interview with a psychologist required.  There is no need to worry about the quality of donor.

Egg donors range between 18-29 years

The most suitable sperm / egg  donors will be identified according to your wishes – physical and mental features of you, your partner and the donor, including hobbies, character traits and interests (as well as height, hair and eye color, blood type and Rh factor).

Unlike in the USA, there is no need to wait for egg donor treatment because most clinics in the Czech Republic have an extensive database of donors.

In addition, all sperm donors are tested for mental diseases, genetic and hormonal disorders as well as infectious diseases including HIV.

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