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Do you want to know what to expect  during the treatment?

There are no waiting lists, so you can start the procedure whenever you are ready and feel prepared.

After deciding what kind of treatment to undergo, it is easy to make an appointment by Skype, ask about all questions and plan your trip abroad. During the interview, you will give the clinic information about your medical history. Based on the information provided and consultation with a specialist, the most suitable treatment will be determined.

Taking the first steps towards fertility treatment might not be easy. Fortunately, all clinics offer coordinators who pick you up at the airport and take care of you during your entire stay. They will also stay in touch with you even after leaving the clinic.

Once you are in the clinic, the steps are usually as follows:

Examination by a specialist – to indicate your infertility symptoms and determine the suitable treatment.

In case of  IVF with donated eggs the most suitable donor is chosen from  a database – specialists are able to locate a near-perfect match of your physical features, character traits, hobbies and interests (as well as height, hair and eye color, blood type and Rh factor). Read more about donors here.

A typical IVF cycle at the Czech clinic starts with hormonal stimulation of the woman’s ovaries while closely monitored by ultrasound. Eggs are retrieved under general anesthesia and using the ICSI method (which ensures the best fertilization rates) and sperms from the male partner are injected into the eggs.

The resulting embryos are cultivated for 2 to 5 days into the blastocyst stage (you will be informed daily) and those with the best evolution will be transferred into the uterus or will be frozen for future treatment at the Czech IVF clinic.

A whole series of tests will be conducted: hormonal profile, STD tests, sperm analysis, blood group, Rh factors, immunological  tests and others depending on the procedure you will undergo.

The length of treatment differs between individuals but usually takes approximately 1 month.

During your stay you can stay in comfortable rooms at our clinic or choose from a range of comfortable hotels/accommodation in the vicinity of the clinic.

Moreover, you will be provided with consultation and support service even after leaving the clinic.

Not sure if you feel prepared? Still doubting?

Do not hesitate to ask any questions,  a  free consultation is provided. Fill in a form here.