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Lower prices


By undergoing IVF in the Czech Republic you can save a decent amount of money without missing-out-on quality of treatment.

How is it possible that even with better equipment they can still hold prices lower than in the USA?

Firstly, it is a sad fact that the treatments in the USA are overpriced. However, there are several factors which impact the overall cost of treatment in Czech Republic including; the lower cost of medications, the lower donor costs and treatment costs which are generally lower, all possible as a result of socialized medicine and a lower cost of living.

Prices here are four – times lower than in the USA. Compare:


An affordable cost of living in the Czech Republic allows you to enjoy a nice visit and take some trips during your stay.

Receiving IVF in Europe not only offers huge cost savings, but provides a wonderful travel experience for the couple to enjoy the surrounding areas. Moreover, it is the perfect way to keep your mind off the treatment.

Check the price list of one clinic in Brno, Czech Republic to see what you can expect here.