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Success rate

Fertility clinics in the Czech Republic are known for high success rates of treatment.


All clinics here have to submit their results to a national register. Unfortunately, this data is not published. However, the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) reports summary figures for the Czech Republic. The success rates are excellent, especially for egg donation.

Look at these rates in a graph including the IVF clinic in Brno data to have a better idea:

68% Success Rate of Donor Program with fresh cycles

(The chart shows treatment with donor eggs (OD) and treatment with both donor eggs and donor sperm, i.e. with donor embryo (DE). The age of the treated women was separated into three categories: up to 40 years (< 40), from 40 to 45 years (≤ 45), and over 45 years (> 45) )


48% Success Rate of our FET Donor Program (thawed embryo transfer)

(48% when transferring two donor embryos (2 DE), and 38% when transferring one donor embryo (1 DE)


58% Success Rate of Cycles with Patients’ Own Reproductive Cells


To ensure the best possible results, clinics emphasize quality stimulation of the donor and the recipient.

The clinic achieves such good results thanks to the state-of-the-art methods, embryo micromanipulation, egg fertilization and the subsequent cultivation of created embryos which are under

continuous surveillance by the monitoring system. Couples are being informed about the development of their embryos on a daily basis during the entire period of the five-day cultivation. The Czech IVF clinic will infrom you bout many embryos have been formed and in what stage they are.

This can be an anxious time for patients, but activities like sightseeing, eating out and relaxing at your hotel should make things easier.

The objective of the constant Embryo Monitoring and the Embryo Cultivation which always lasts five days is to assimilate the cultivation to the physiological conditions of the embryo as much as possible. By doing so, clinics achieve high success rates of treatment resulting into a birth of healthy babies.

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